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“Every personal interaction provides an opportunity to teach and to learn. Opportunity therefore is continually available to teach and promote positive behaviour”, Steve Lamb.

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Welcome to our Challenging Behaviour Support website

This site is currently under reconstruction and our full challenging behaviour support pages will soon be available. We hope you will enjoy browsing through our positive behaviour management website and find a lot of useful behaviour, learning disabilities and autism information here. We pay great attention to the quality of our behaviour management advice, information, consulting and training services in relation to children and adults. You can find detailed information about our child behaviour and adult behaviour services throughout our pages or contact our behaviour support team for help.

As our behaviour support website continues to develop our intention is to develop more of an online rescource for our readers and visitors to not only find useful information on child behaviour management and adult behaviour management but also on learning disabilities and autism.

You will find that our support and advice applies to the behaviour of adults with neurological impairments but also applies to child behaviour problems.

Stay up to date with the latest news on our behaviour support website and come back regularly to find out the latest about positive behaviour management for children and adults.

Behaviour Support Services very much support and promote the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis for both children and adults with challenging behaviour.

Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) is a scientific and professional approach that is concerned with applying scientific principles of learning and behaviour to socially important problems. It provides the very foundations of behaviour support, emphasizing careful measurement of observed child behaviour or adult behaviour and analysis of such challenging behaviour in terms of its relationship to events in the environment that immediately precede or follow the challenging behaviour.

An Applied Behaviour Analysis program establishes behavioural objectives or goals, breaks down complex behaviours into their functional parts, sets objective ways of measuring the relevant behaviours, implements teaching or behaviour change procedures based on behavioural principles, and then evaluates the results through careful analysis. ABA teaching methods are systematic and precise.

Behaviour support and Applied Behaviour Analysis is a very broad field, and ABA principles and methodologies have been used for everything from developing language skills in children and adults, eliminating self-injurious behaviour to improving efficiencies in companies. ABA surrounds and affects us to some degree everyday of our lives.

Applied Behaviour Analysis methods are known to be effective in treating autism and learning disabilities and are used to promote the person's optimal development in all domains including motor skills, self-care, language and communication, play and social skills, pre-academic and academic skills, self-management to increase independence as well as vocational skills.

Applied Behaviour Analysis is concerned with the behaviour of the individual child or adult, implementing scientifically validated treatments and procedures to change those behaviours deemed important to increase that individual’s independence. This important component of ABA sets itself apart from other psychological approaches that measure and compare individuals with the norms in society.